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Washing Instructions

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We use only the purest, softest organic cotton and non GMO natural corn starch fibre filling that is produced ethically and sustainably, so it's gentle on baby and the earth!

  1. Wash your Maud N Lil toy by hand in warm water and allow to dry naturally
  2. Products may feel heavy and stiff due to the wet organic cotton and corn starch fibre and will soften as they dry
  3. Our filling is natural and therefore sensitive to high temperatures – please keep below 50 degrees celsius.

Washing Tweet

After washing, if Tweet isn’t Tweeting – it’s an easy fix!

  • The Tweet sound maker is a cylinder made from ABS plastic (Lego plastic) with a stainless-steel spring and slider inside.
  • After washing sometimes, the slider can become stuck. We know it’s a bit unceremonious but if you give Tweet a good tap against a hard surface, he will tweet again and be fine….well he might have a bit of a headache but he will come back to life after a cuddle!! (Best not to do this in front of your child to prevent tears)

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to email us and we will be happy to help further.