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Since 1993, we’ve been making certified organic cotton toys and comforters for little hands and big imaginations.

We’ve always chosen organic cotton because we believe that the only thing your child should be exposed to is the love and care we put into each product.

Being pesticide free means you can have the peace of mind that our products are a healthy choice for both your child and the earth.

After all, we must protect the environment for our little ones, our future generations.

We take special care to ensure that our products are the ultimate in quality, softness and comfort.

Reminding children that they are safe and secure in the world they live in.

Proudly award winners of The Green Lifestyle Awards for Best Kids Product.



As founders, we believe that our children should be able to thrive and play with the purest products to nurture big imaginations. From the beginning, we have always been passionate about providing children with safe toys and keeping children safe from the toxic chemicals found in in their most cherished products.

Choosing organic cotton was an uncompromised choice.

We believe in contributing to the sustainability of the planet and having minimal impact – having clean air, clean water and healthy crops. When we choose organic cotton, we are choosing organic practices.

Practices that nurture our ecosystem, small communities and farmers.

For parents we wanted to provide products that you can trust,

we wanted you to have peace of mind in a sometimes uncertain world.

This is our gift to your children - to dream endlessly and to only be

exposed to the love and care sewn into each Maud N Lil Product.

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At Maud N Lil we have always taken pride in the high quality and sustainable practices behind our business. We began Maud N Lil in 1993 and we are committed to developing the best possible products for your family and friends with the purest materials and ethical supply chain.

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We source the finest Certified Organic Cotton available from Certified Organic farms. Unlike conventional cotton farms, the farmers are not exposed to harmful pesticides because organic cotton is not sprayed with these chemicals.

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All of the cotton used in our products is certified organic to both the international Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain and is audited annually.



We are committed to building a completely transparent supply chain. We believe it is important to understand the journey that every single stitch and material used in our products has taken to get the hands of your child. We're also committed to sharing that journey with you.


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