Washing Instructions

The gorgeous toys are warm hand washable. Here are a few tips though:

  • When they come out of the water they will feel heavy and stiff as the cellulose fibre is wet, don’t worry this is normal and they will soften up as they dry
  • Put somewhere out of direct heat or sunlight to dry
  • Make sure they are thoroughly dry before popping back to bed with your Little One
  • Don’t worry you won’t be the first parent to have bought a second back up toy or comforter to avoid sleepless nights because one is in the wash or has gone walkabouts, please call us for any sleepless replacement emergency, we understand!

Please note! Our filling fibre is temperature sensitive (it’s natural) so please keep below 50ºc so don’t leave your cuddly friends in a hot car

After washing, if Tweet isn’t Tweeting  – it’s an easy fix!

The Tweet sound maker is a cylinder made from ABS plastic (Lego plastic) with a stainless steel spring and slider inside. After washing sometimes the slider gets stuck a bit. We know it’s a bit unceremonious but if you give Tweet a good bash a few times against a hard surface he will tweet again and be fine….well he might have a bit of a headache but he’ll be WILL be fine after a cuddle!! (Best not to do this in front of your child to prevent tears)

Here at Maud N Lil HQ we ummed and ahhed about whether to not have him as washable because of the potential slight sticking problem but we decided as this only happens infrequently and is easily fixed we would just advise customers that this can happen if it does and keep him as a washable item to keep Mum happy.

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to email us and we will be happy to help further.