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Baby Gift and Baby Gift Shower Idea

This luxurious, soft all-in-one baby gift box is the perfect gift idea or baby shower idea for any baby. All items are certified organic so toxic chemical free and totally natural. Gender neutral. Suitable for age 0+

It contains: our signature certified organic bunny comforter in pink white, our Rose the bunny certified organic pink & white ring rattle. A 1 metre by 1 metre certified organic muslin wrap, a soft certified organic baby knotted hat and matching mittens and a gift card with envelope all wrapped in signature printed tissue paper and in a stunning gift box. The soft toy items are filled with non GMO corn starch filling. All items are hand washable at 40ºc (the soft toy items should not be exposed to temperatures above 50ºc).

We think anyone you are buying this for would absolutely love this Gift Box – the ultimate in organic luxury.

It also comes with a complimentary gift card & envelope which we can write a personal message in for you.

Our Organic Comforter (Dou Dou)

Comforters are normally introduced at 7 months. (no toys or pillows or loose items should be in a baby’s cot pre 7 months as they may be a SIDS risk) This is a time when babies can suffer separation anxiety & parents are encouraging them to learn how to self sooth and settle on their own at sleep time.

To introduce a comforter (dou dou), pop them onto your skin under your top so they smell familiar. You can even add a little breast milk to their ears or fabric for extra comfort. Then once the comforter smells familiar, pop it next to your baby at bed time. Don’t worry, they are extremely safe and being made from put organic cotton they are breathable. There are no chemicals or lose fluff that can be inhaled.

If using a dummy at bedtime, pop the dummy into the holder on the paw and let your Little One cuddle and suckle the dummy at the same time. We have found babies fall asleep very quickly once they have their comforters with them.

Once you want to ween the baby off the dummy you can remove from the comforter & you should find that the comforter is enough. Comforters (dou dous) can be taken to day care or anywhere with your baby providing comfort wherever they go but they really are a sleep/ bedtime companion.

His eyes, nose and toes are embroidered,  lying flat he measures 30cm long, he is warm hand washable.

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